About Shima

Originally from Iran, Shima was brought up in Austria. Living in different cultures has always been her main source of inspiration. During her stay in Hanoi, where she worked on international development issues, she first discovered Hatha Yoga. She was instantly hooked by the sensation of spaciousness and homecoming that Yoga triggered in her. Ever since Yoga has been a constant practice in her life – on and off the mat.

Holding a Master degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Business and Economics Shima spent many years studying and working abroad. Since 2011, Shima has dedicated herself to teaching Yoga and now counts more than 600 hours of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga. She is also a certified Thai Nuad bodyworker and teacher, which for her is a form of meditation in movement and a part of her Yoga practice.

She is grateful to the many inspirational teachers that she has met on her path. Her main teachers include Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan, and Romana and Sascha Delberg. On a daily basis, her most important teachers remain her students without whom she could not have progressed in her understanding of Yoga and its various effects on life.

In her work as a Yoga teacher and body worker, Shima dedicates herself to the development and preservation of healthy and balanced bodies, clear and focused minds, elevated spirits and overall wellbeing. Her intention is to create a safe and inspiring space for your practice and to take you on a journey through your own body and mind.
In her teachings, Shima emphasizes conscious breathing, solid grounding with an eye for detail and a focus on internal alignment.

Shima is based in Vienna and offers classes in German and English.


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Curriculum Vitae



  • 2018 – Richard Freeman, The Art of Vinyasa, Vienna/AT

  • 2016 – Paul Dallaghan, Deepening thePractice of Ashtanga, Vienna/AT

  • 2016 – R. Delberg, Tina Nirtl, Pre- & Post Natal Yoga, Teacher Training, Vienna/AT

  • 2015 – Richard Freeman, Ashtanga Yoga Intensive, Vienna/AT

  • 2015 – John Scott, The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vienna/AT

  • 2015 – Tim Miller, The essence of sadhana, theory + practice of Ashtanga Yoga, London/GB

  • 2014 – Richard Freeman, Teacher Training, Ashtanga Vinyasa, 200 hrs,Yogaworkshop, Boulder/USA

  • 2013 – Paul Dallaghan, Gaining a deeper understanding of Yoga: Asana & Pranayama, Vienna/ AT

  • 2013 – Michael Stone, The 8 Limbs of Yoga in Depth, Workshop, Vienna/AT

  • 2013 – Josh Summers, Teacher Training, Yin Yoga, Vienna/ AT

  • 2013 – Meghan Currie, Vinyasa Flow, Intensive, Yogawerkstatt, Hannover/GER

  • 2013 – Leslie Kaminoff, Breath-centered Yoga, Yoga Conference, Barcelona/ESP

  • 2012 – S. & R. Delberg, A.Dinse,Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga, 200 RYT,Yogawerkstatt, Vienna/AT

  • 2012 – Richard Freeman, Practicing Yoga from the Inside Out, Intensive, Yogawerkstatt, Vienna/AT

  • 2012 – Michael Hamilton, The middle way: life touching practice, Workshop, Yogawerkstatt, Vienna/AT

  • 2012 – Simon Park, Prana Flow Yoga, Workshop, Yogamelange, Vienna/AT

  • 2011 – Axel Dinse, Adjustment Clinic, Workshop, Yogawerkstatt, Vienna /AT

  • 2011 – Lily Goncalves, Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga, 200 RYT, Blooming Lotus Yoga, Haad Yuan/TH

  • 2010 – Richard Freeman, Practicing yoga from the inside out, Intensive, Yogawerkstatt, Vienna/AT

  • 2009 – Lara Baumann, Quantum Yoga & Ayurveda, Intensive, Goa/IND

Nuad  & bodywork

  • 2013 – Osteo-Thai, workshop, Arno L’Hermitte, Barcelona/ESP

  • 2012 – Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, workshop, Krishna Takis, Barcelona/ESP

  • 2012 – Cranio Sacral Therapy (integration into Thai Yoga Massage), workshop, Rosemary Wallace, Athens /GR

  • 2012 – Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal Massage), training, Omsala, Ohm Rinraya, Chiang Mai/TH

  • 2012 – Thai Massage Circus, 200 hrs, Sunshine Network, Luang Prabang/LAOS

  • 2011 – Advanced Thai Massage, 80 hrs, Sunshine Network, Itzhak Helman, Vienna/AT

  • 2011 – Thai Massage, Practitioner/Teacher Training (Level I-V), 180 hrs, ITM School, Chiang Mai/TH