About Yoga

'Yoga' derives from the Sanskrit word 'yuj', which means to integrate, unite or join. It is a harmonious interaction between the physical and spiritual in all aspects of life. Yoga starts with listening and giving space to what is. By using and uniting our breath, mind and body, we bring our attention fully into the present moment and listen to whatever arises and watch it fade away. Yoga practice is a beautiful, breath-by-breath experience of being present inside your body.

Through the practice of Yoga, we do not only stretch and strengthen our bodies but also allow our minds to be still. In fact, the most challenging aspect of Yoga is not about opening up the body; it is about softening the mind. In this way, Yoga becomes a life long journey of learning and personal growth. The positive outcomes of a regular Yoga practice are vast. On a physical level it is meant to improve circulation, reduce stress, develop flexibility, strengthen the muscles and bones, improve posture and the immune system.

On a mental level, Yoga is designed to calm our busy minds. This enables us to withdraw our senses from our day-to-day challenges and distractions and to become silent enough to listen to our own inner voice. Yoga takes us on a journey of self-discovery that allows us an insight into our complex self. This self-knowledge means that we can live a life that is more authentic and find ourselves more involved and connected with our own lives and those of others.