My approach

I believe that the best teachers are eternal students. Therefore I strive to continuously enrich my knowledge through regular self-practice, studies and trainings. My approach is strongly influenced by Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, and their teachings of Yoga.

I believe that Yoga is a physical, mental, philosophical and spiritual practice. The ability to tune into one’s own needs and find the right personal practice is crucial to achieving balance. I am here to support you in doing precisely that. In my classes and private sessions, my intention is to provide you with thorough, playful and mindful insights into your body, mind and deeper consciousness as we move with the pattern of our breath.

We concentrate on proper alignment in postures (asanas) and transitions (vinyasas), physical energy locks (bandhas), mental focus through the gaze (drishti), yogic breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). While practicing in a safe and supported environment, you will feel how body and breath are connected and intertwined with the mind. By deepening and soothing our breaths we create space – mentally and physically.